Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen

Professor: Kassandra Mariel Portillo Saltos.

Description: Discovering Great Books is a space where you can find the classics of universal literature.

It is a course designed to delve into the reading habits, the reflection and critical thinking, through the discovering of Great Books and its authors, that become teachers of humanity.

In this way, the writers through the examples of the characters, like the nobility of Don Quixote or the kindness of Mónica one of the protagonists of Crime and Punishment, help the student to acquire the capability of thinking by itself, of giving an answer to what occurs in life and the world surrounding it, choosing the common good. To that end, it is necessary to work to settle the basis of a realiable reading comprehension and a reading habit that allows the student to understand and build its own judgement based on the read.

1. Starting date: November 1st, 2019

2. Ending date: December 1st 2019

3. Live session: November 22nd, 2019

4. Duration: 1 month.

5. Methodology: The program for this course consists in the reading of one book per month. At the beginning of the course, there will be an introductory session, to explain how the course is going to work and the guidelines that the student must take into account. 

For each book, there will be several virtual sessions with the teacher. The first sessions (recorded) will consist in the presentation and first approach to the book that will be read.

The last session will be seminar-like where the students that would have already previously read the entire book will have to make interventions about the development of the book and what they think about it. For this session the teacher will facilitate a a guide where the student will be able to orient itself at the moment of developing its interventions.

1. Evaluation: The student will compare the book with the 2005 movie directed by Joe Wright and create a chart with the main characteristics of Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy and the setting of the book compared to the movie. 

2. Cost: Free